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Bureau Commanders
Chief Deputy Shawn Chipman | Chief Deputy David Oliver
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Enforcement Bureau

The Enforcement Bureau is responsible for the delivery of those services traditionally associated with police operations. It is composed of four divisions responsible for all Patrol, Investigations, Emergency Services, Judicial/Civil and other specialized duties. The Bureau provides service to the unincorporated areas of the county as well as multiple recreation and canyon areas. The Bureau also serves seven municipalities that contract with the Sheriff’s Office for their law enforcement services.

The Enforcement Bureau’s purpose is to serve and protect the citizens of Utah County by responsibly enforcing the laws. Deputies receive extensive training, not only in being extremely competent in police skills, but also in conducting themselves in a professional manner that fosters a good harmonious relationship with the community. We understand that to be truly effective public servants we must have the help and cooperation from citizens who know their community and neighborhoods better than anyone. By earning the citizens trust, we can work together in a corroborative effort that will allow all of us to live in a safer, more peaceful, community.

Chief Deputy Eric McDowell
Eagle Mountain Contract Chief

Contract Cities - Eagle Mountain

The Utah County Sheriff's Office has been protecting the residents of the Cedar Valley since the area was settled. Eagle Mountain City was incorporated in 1996 and the Utah County Sheriff's Office has provided the law enforcement services since its inception. The Utah County Sheriff's Office and Eagle Mountain City Officials have developed a solid and enjoyable working relationship these past number of years and are looking forward to continuing this partnership.


There are currently 16 Sworn Personnel/Deputies, whom provide around-the-clock law enforcement services to the community. The staffing plan includes a Chief Deputy, two Sergeants, two Detectives, eight Patrol Deputies, two School Resource Officers and one Animal Control Officer. Along with the aforementioned sworn personnel, the Eagle Mountain Division is also staffed with one full time Office Specialist and one part-time Community Safety Coordinator. Our depth is even greater with the support of the Utah County Sheriff's Office team of specialized units. These units include Utah County Metro S.W.A.T., K-9 Teams, Investigations Division, Accident Investigation Team, Search and Rescue, Emergency Services, Traffic Enforcement and Recreation Teams.


Eagle Mountain City has seen tremendous growth over recent years, which has made it one of Utah's fastest growing communities. Since its incorporation, the City's population has grown from 250 residents to an estimated 37,000 with the average age being 21 years of age. With this rapid growth and unique population demographic, the Sheriff's Office is taking a proactive approach in developing innovative community-oriented programs to increase overall safety and rapport with the residents of Eagle Mountain which includes: Volunteers In Police Service/V.I.P.S., Neighborhood Watch, Rad Kids, Dare/NOVA, Public Safety Fairs, etc...


The Utah County Sheriff's Office and the City of Eagle Mountain are working together in providing the best, most efficient and cost-effective law enforcement services available to the residents of the community.


If you are interested in learning more about the aforementioned programs, or if you have any questions regarding the police services provided, please contact any of us at the Eagle Mountain sub-station. The office is located at 1650 E Stagecoach Run (City Hall). Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday -Thursday.


To file a police report, contact Dispatch at 801-794-3970 or the Eagle Mountain sub-station at 801-789-6701.